Branding Rethink Music

“A brand program isn’t just about a logo or typography anymore. It’s about creating a set of tools that anyone in the world can use to express what their personal interaction is with the brand,” says Ben Spear of Thinkside.

Travel through Boston in the days before the Rethink Music conference and see Spear’s design work in environments from subway advertisements to posters, postcards, and even spray painted on the street.

Authentic Eye

Thea Dodds is loved by clients for her photojournalism style. They describe her as invisible on their wedding day, yet the pictures prove she was right there for the most important moments. She’s dedicated to greening the photography industry, and provides discounts to clients who plan weddings that use ecologically conscious vendors.

We created a channel for her to share her philosophy, showcase her portfolio and hear from her clients.

Award Winning Documentary

“Justin and Danielle create a truly amazing team, coupling their talents, experiences and perspectives with their shared belief in the power of story-telling. I would never hesitate to put one of my projects in their hands.” – Kaitlin Meelia, Director, Play in the Gray


Gingerista began when two young moms decided to employ their professional skills in business and design to start an internet cookie company. Our priority was to make a three minute story that Gingerista can use on social networking, in media pitches, and on their website.

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